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Know Where Your Lawmakers Stand on Stem Cell Research

Our Mission:

CureAdvocacy is a grassroots organization that believes a cure for paralysis can be achieved in this decade. Our mission is to:
  • Educate the public about the cruel realities of living with paralysis
  • Deliver the message that paralysis strikes randomly and without warning, robbing its victims of abilities and dreams in a split second
  • Raise public awareness of viable cure options
  • Promote the cure message with a variety of legislative and media outreach strategies

Why Cure Advocacy? Without activism:

  • The United States would still be under British rule;
  • African Americans would still live in slavery's chains.
  • Women would not have the right to vote.
  • People with Disabilities would still be institutionalized.
Rights and Freedoms are won through activism. The time is NOW to fight for:

The Paralyzed Community's Bill of Rights

  • We hold these truths to be self-evident:
  • All humans are created equal and are entitled to certain unalienable Rights, including Life, Liberty, Independence and the pursuit of Happiness;
  • Governments are instituted among humankind to secure these rights, and if they fail, it is the Right of the people to alter or abolish such Governments in order to effect Safety and Happiness;
  • Spinal Cord Injury robs its victims of Liberty and Independence; the Search for a Cure is their Pursuit of Happiness.
Let Your Voice Be Heard


  • Deliver the message that SCI can happen to you or a loved one in a heartbeat
  • Educate the public and our legislators about the desperate need for a cure
  • Spread the news about the many promising cure therapies that need funding
  • Work with other organizations to separate fact from fiction in the debate over stem cell therapies

Help Unlock the Prison of Paralysis

Raise funds and awareness for research related to spinal cord injury and other neurological disorders such as those listed below.

Advocacy efforts that need your support:
Advocacy methods that work - ways that you can make a difference:
  • Send faxes, e-mails or make phone calls to your state or federal representatives; ask them to support pending legislation or initiatives that support the cure.
  • Meet directly with legislators to persuade them to sponsor and/or pass bills.
  • Get involved in or initiate your own petition/signature drive; these require the collection of a specific number of signatures to get a bill on a ballot.
  •  Public awareness campaigns; get involved in walkathons, hand out flyers, purchase clothing, bumper stickers, business cards, create websites, etc., whatever it takes to get the message out there and/or get media attention.
  • Submit opinion editorials to your local newspaper to express your views regarding policy decisions that affect SCI research.
  • Make a tax deductable donation or start a community fundraiser to support a SCI research oriented organization or foundation.
  • Contact Your Representatives